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Working out with Green Curve SG

Do Good for your body and for the Earth

Many of us go to the gym to keep fit, hit goals and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. We lift, run, pull, jump and use a wide array of machines to help us. These facilities all consume electrical energy to make gym spaces comfortable and effective for us to burn off unwanted calories - our stored version of chemical energy. But have you every wondered whether we could harness energy with every calorie burnt, and convert it into usable forms such as electrical energy? If you've thought of it, you're not alone, because gyms harnessing power from your workout do exist around the world, and the first of it's kind in Singapore - Green Curve SG is now open!

The Eco-Friendly Gym Trend

This concept is not new, a gym in Hong Kong has already been using exercise equipment to generate electricity since 2007 and so did The Green Microgym in US, that started in 2008, and became one of the pioneers of the eco-friendly gym revolution. The appeal was quite clear, these gyms saved up to 85% of their energy consumption compared to traditionally run gyms and the necessary energy-producing equipment was also competitively priced. At the same time, more individuals began to be environmentally aware and concerned about climate change and communities started to be more receptive to concept of generating power with your workout. Leading to new eco-friendly gyms like Eco Gym in New York becoming increasingly popular and Beach Fit in the UK selling to hotel chains like Marriott and Hilton.

Well lit spaces and recycled rubber floors

Running Sustainably

When Green Curve SG opened their doors in Singapore, I had the privilege to head down to have a tour of the place. The first thing that struck me was how the place had long windows to maximize the natural light coming through. The gym is also lit using compact fluorescent lights that use lower energy compared to traditional incandescent lights. Other energy saving features include timers on lights, appliances, air conditioning and heating, and together they translate into a big reduction in power consumption. The floors are also made using recycled rubber, providing the right amount of support and bounce to your workout.

Well equipped power racks for all your lifting needs

But of all the things in the gym, the most unique feature would be the SportsArt treadmill that is the world's first energy producing treadmill. It converts human exertion into usable electrical energy through a generator in the machine that converts Watts into AC power and sends it back to the power grid to offset energy consumption. This treadmill is capable of generating up to 200 Watts per hour and that can easily charge all your appliances like your laptop and phone. I'm famously bad at cardio and I only managed to generate about 4 Watts in 5 mins, but if you're good at cardio or do a lot of long distance running training on treadmills, imagine how much energy you can produce!

There's an ongoing challenge to see how many Watts you can generate in 5 mins, head over if you're keen to try it!

SportsArt ECO-POWR™ Treadmill

Personalized Training

Green Curve SG also provides personalized and goal oriented personal training plans for individuals or groups. As part of my visit, the co-owner and in-house trainer Ahmed planned an intense body-weight partner workout for me and my friend. He was very detailed when teaching us the different workouts and pushed us hard enough but also made sure we didn't over-exert ourselves. Although it was a tough workout, it was so much more satisfying doing it together with a partner and I would highly recommend the semi-private training sessions. If timings are tight for you, private training sessions are also available. They also provide yoga training sessions, do enquire for more information!

There is currently a free meal promotion run in conjunction with their partner Salad Co.Sg (Market Street Interim Hawker Centre, #01-38, 5 Cross Street), 3 mins away from the gym! It's available for those signing up for both private or semi-private training sessions. Do contact Green Curve SG for more details.

After the PT session, Ahmed rewarded us with a nutritious plant-based post-workout smoothie but it was no surprise that he still made us work for it. The bike blender uses zero electricity and works with just a couple gears linked up from the bike to the blender. Green Curve SG also provides Nuzest's Clean Lean Protein which is 100% plant-based and one of the leading vegan protein powder options available in Singapore! Nuzest also carries a range of other supplements which are dairy, gluten, soy, nut and GMO free.

Pedal your way to tasty smoothie blends with Nuzest

Eco-friendly Community

Green Curve SG is part of a vibrant eco-friendly community that helps to encourage and facilitate the growing interest in living a more sustainable lifestyle. At their premises, you'll find your favourite eco-friendly brands such as UBU Swimwear, Bamboo Straw Girl and more! Green Curve SG believes that being sustainable does not just start and end at this gym, as you learn and acquire more information over time, one would begin to apply the concept of sustainability to all aspect of life and allow this habit to influence others too.

Work out today!

Whether you're trying to begin a new fitness resolution, or simply keeping up with your current routine, there's every reason to consider Green Curve SG as your eco-friendly gym spot especially with it conveniently located at 104 Amoy St, Singapore 069924, just a 3min walk from Telok Ayer MRT station. They are also open 24/7 so drop by anytime! Also check out their website for current private PT and semi-private PT rates. Let's get Eco-Fit today!



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