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Under the Sun with UBU Swimwear

Responsible swimwear that allows you to look good and feel good

It’s summer all year round in Singapore and with the weather only getting warmer, we find ourselves with even more reasons to spend time by the pool or in the water to cool ourselves down. Although swimwear is widely available and easy to find, they are not always made with the comfort of the wearer, or the environment in mind. UBU Swimwear was created with precisely those considerations and they now have a beautiful range of sustainable one-pieces and bikinis that do not compromise on function or style.

About UBU Swimwear

I had the privilege of getting to know Paula, the founder of UBU Swimwear through mutual friends and I've been so inspired by the work she does and how efficiently she gets things done! After moving to Singapore from Ireland and living here for only 1.5 years, Paula launched Ubu Swimwear in 2018 and has successfully built up this responsible swimwear brand that has grown so much over the short span of one year, it has even been featured on Tatler earlier this year.

From the get-go, Paula defined the processes involved in the design, fabrication and distribution of her swimwear to ensure that they keep to sustainable and ethical standards. When asked about the drive behind UBU, she said:

"UBU is not fast-fashion. We don’t follow trends. Our pieces are slowly-made. Our designs are timeless. Our materials are long-lasting. All of this is taken into consideration with our designs. This is why we offer reversible styles too so you get more choice and more wear options out of your swimwear. You will be wearing your fabulous UBU Swimwear for seasons and seasons to come."

Why the material matters

The modern swimwear we see in stores today have evolved much over the years, not just in-terms of its style and design, but also in terms of the properties of the new materials used in the swimwear. Many of these technologically advanced materials now provide UV protection, high stretch and flexibility, sunscreen/repellent resistance and high coverage, and all these properties were made possible due to the usage of polymers such as polyamide and elastane (which are essentially plastics).

To make high quality functional swimwear that has all these advanced properties, and more importantly for it to last, it is almost impossible to do away with these polymers. Hence in an effort to make them as sustainable as possible, Ubu Swimwear uses a fabric called Carvico Vita – a sustainable techno-fabric, reducing the need to use new virgin plastic materials. ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon yarn is used to make up the polyamide portion of the Carvico Vita fabric and the best part is that it is derived from post-consumer materials such as old fishing nets. With this fabric, every Ubu swimwear piece has the following properties: ultrachlorine resistance; suncream and oil resistance; UV protection; material coverage; muscle control and pilling resistance. All this on top of looking stylish, comfortable and made to last.

Supporting to the community

Being sustainable is not just about being environmentally friendly. Based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), there are 17 goals for all countries and corporations to work towards to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. One of which (goal 8) is to provide decent work and economic growth. Ubu Swimwear contributes to this goal by working with a small, family run company in Bali that provides fair wages and safe working environments. As a family run business, they are not pressured to expand their production rates beyond their manufacturing capacity and this in turn reduces the stresses on the environment and ensures ethical practice standards are upheld.

Every purchase also contributes to BIG against breast cancer, an NGO that supports advancing breast cancer research to improve treatment and quality of life for women and men with breast cancer.

Designed for real women

I personally don't wear bikinis often because I'm not always comfortable in them. But like many other UBU Swimwear lovers, I found that the cutting and fit of UBU’s pieces were all really flattering! I think what really contributed to the success of their swimwear fitting was because Paula designed them for real women with realistic body measurements. As she mentioned when asked about what inspired her to create UBU:

“I struggled for many years to find good quality swimwear that looks good but also wasn't too revealing and gave support - and at a reasonable price. Most of my friends had similar complaints. I knew what I wanted but I could not find it. After moving to Singapore, I decided to take a chance and put my ideas into action and things have snowballed from there!”

Drawing inspiration from her own challenges has helped her create swimwear that the average woman would feel comfortable in. Not everyone has a model physique but they still deserve to look good in what they wear, and this sense of inclusivity can be clearly reflected in the wide range of sizes they carry (Size 1-5 which corresponds with UK 6-16). They also have 4 different cuttings for their swimwear bottoms so you can pick the style that is most flattering for your body type. Another amazing feature of these swimwear pieces are their reversibility, allowing you to switch up your style and have more options to wear without needing additional pieces in your wardrobe. Saving you wardrobe space, money and the resources required to fabricate these pieces!

Photos to follow!

ERIU Top paired with ANU bottoms - White Reversible

As someone with a pear shaped figure, I picked the classic cut ANU bottoms for fuller coverage with the halter neck ERIU top the give a more balanced illusion. The photos above feature the inner yellow and white pattern of the white reversible which I felt were really fun and had a soft retro feel to them. The straps were firm and secure and at no point did I feel like I was too exposed in this outfit!

CERES Onepiece - Black and Red Reversible

I loved the bold red and black colours of this piece and it's a shame that I didn't have time to take photos of the flip side! The cross back straps create a really firm upper body silhouette that provides a lot of support, and would be useful for women with fuller chests. My favourite part of this piece is the bold tie strap at the back that creates an extra band to slim the waist line even more and add a little flare to the onepiece!

HEMERA Onepiece - Yellow Reversible

The bright yellow colour of this onepiece just STANDS OUT. Everyone is going to look over when you're wearing this beautiful bright colour on the beach (PS. Great way to start a conversation about beach cleanups in an outfit like this!) The lower body coverage is similar to the classic ANU bottoms cutting and does not gather excessively. The design of the upper half also gives you more than sufficient coverage while showing off the plunging neckline, making it comfortable yet super flattering!

UBU Swimwear pieces are all available on their online shop at https://ubuswimwear.com/ and they ship worldwide. In line with the brand's environmentally conscious practices, your purchase will be delivered to you using biodegradable postage bags, make sure you compost them instead of simply throwing them out! Do check out the rest of their other designs on their IG at @ubuswimwear and if you plan to purchase any of their items, remember to use the discount code: CURIOUSLYGREEN20 for 20% off any purchase!

There is also currently a giveaway happening on our IG pages (ends 29th Sept), so do check it out to stand a chance to win a bikini set or onepiece of your choice plus a couple other eco-friendly goodies!



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