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The Green Collective SG opens at Funan

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

A comforting green experience in a futuristic mall

Many of you may remember the old Funan Digitalife Mall as the next place after Sim Lim Square to get all your IT supplies and tech goodies but the whole place is now so much more than just a tech shoppers haven and provides a multitude of lifestyle brands, eateries, a cinema, indoor cycling tracks and even a climbing wall in the centre of the mall! I am way too familiar with the old Funan Mall and had alot of memories there (used to go for ballet classes for years) so I very uncharacteristically decided to join the crowds to see whats up with the new shopping mall and popped in to visit The Green Collective!

The Green Collective (The Collective) opened it's doors on 28th June 2019 together with the launch of the brand new Funan (previously known as Funan Digitalife Mall) on North Bridge Road! I am so glad that they now have a much more central location that will definitely draw a bigger crowd and have greater reach even beyond the green community.

Despite being a relatively new brand that opened it's physical store in April 2018 at the KINEX Mall, The Collective has made quite a name for itself in the green community as the first of it's kind in Singapore. What's unique about them is that they're not just about selling the products they carry, they also provide the whole infrastructure to promote eco-friendly behavioural change in our Singapore lifestyles through regular workshops, talks and events to empower the public with knowledge to make more conscious choices. (Read more about it in the interview post I did with one of the co-founders Ms Agatha Lee!)

When I dropped into the shop on the opening day it was swarmed with curious shoppers discovering new products and ways to help them live more eco-friendly lifestyles and I definitely sensed the eco-movement catching on. With so many products in the store, it's hard to walk out without buying something! Scroll further to see some of the products I found!

Handcrafted artisan accessories, bags and shoes from The Handmade Romantics

The Handmade Romantics work with traditional artisans and craftsmen as well as NGOs that support disadvantaged communities in different parts of the world. THR provides the platform to preserve and spread their handcrafted heritage that is not only beautiful but also environmentally conscious.

Natural and toxin free products from Wellness Within

Borosilicate glass straws are acid and heat resistant you can safely slurp up your drinks with these! They even come with adorable handcrafted glass animals on the side!

Authentic handmade Batik from aNERDstore

You don't have to go to Indonesia to get authentic beautiful batik, aNERDstore brings it right to you and they also run a gallery - aNERDgallery which is the first Singapore-based art platform specializing in textile arts with a focus in Indonesian batik and tenun from both emerging and established artists.

Sustainable swimwear from August Society

This local brand features bright and bold coloured swim and active wear made from recycled waste plastic. The entire production and shipping process is optimized to ensure the most ethical and sustainable methods are used. These products are also built to last, chlorine-resistant, UV protective and sunblock resistant, not to mention super flattering on any figure!

Fashionable handmade sunglasses from Truth&All

These pretty sunglasses are made of biodegradable acetate and handmade (in Greece) not molded by machines. They also use recyclable packaging with all their products and have Give Back Initiatives that support cyclical economy projects as well as projects combating plastic pollution. With their stylish designs, they are definitely upholding their belief that fashion should not cost the Earth.

Natural plant-based fragrances from Sol+

Sol+ scents are all handcrafted natural fragrances that have no nasty synthetic chemicals and will not upset the balance in your body's hormonal systems. With no alcohols to irritate those with sensitive skin, these scents don't only make you smell good, they let you feel good too. Oh yes they love animals too and their products are not test on them!

Bokashi composting bucket from Urban Composter

Ever wanted to try out indoor composting but afraid of the smells and mess? With the revolutionary Urban Composter Bucket and Compost Accelerator spray, the anaerobic (without air) fermenting process is sped up and the food will not rot or smell while breaking down. The bucket which is made from recycled plastic is also compact and fits into smaller kitchen spaces, ideal for those living in apartments!

Homebrewed soaps from Himmel Blue

I've been using soap bars for a while now to reduce the amount of plastic packaging in my life but this is definitely the first time I've heard of a beer shampoo bar! Himmel Blue uses natural butters and oils as their base ingredient and combines them with unique homebrewed ingredients like milk kefir and kombucha (especially those thrown away in surplus) to create these eco-friendly and toxic-free soap bars.

Bamboo products from the Bamboo Straw Girl

Mel aka the Bamboo Straw Girl started this brand in 2015 as a personal project to reduce single-use plastic usage in Singapore, starting with bamboo straws. To date, her bamboo straws have replaced more than 2 million plastic straws! She now carries up to 40 other products including soap dishes, flasks, toothbrushes and cutlery!

What I've covered above are just a few of the many brands The Green Collective carries in both their KINEX and Funan outlets. (The complete list is available in the interview post I did with the co-founder of The Green Collective.) Drop by their store to see their entire range and sign up for their fun and educational workshops as you embark on your green living journey!

Hanging macrame planters

Home wares by GreenieGenie

Visit The Green Collective at

#02-18 FUNAN (10am-10pm)

#01-36 KINEX (11am-9pm)

and be inspired to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle!



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