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How to Shop Consciously this Black Friday

Black Friday is around the corner, are you ready for it?

Some of you may have read the IG post I put up last monday about #whitemonday and know that I've made a personal pledge to avoid Black Friday purchases. This doesn't mean I'm shaming anyone for shopping on Black Friday, but I believe it's still important to know the meaning behind the name.

Here's a short history of the shopping frenzy - Black Friday was originally the name given to the day after Thanksgiving in the US and has now permeated many parts of the world to become one of the biggest shopping events in the year. In the past, the term Black Friday was used because the day was associated with horrid traffic jams, mob-like crowds and even injuries and deaths associated with people getting trampled on as they tore through the malls to get their marked- down goods. Not very nice, right?

But realistically, Black Friday is a great opportunity for many people to get fantastic goods and services at a bargain, saving you money for the things you need. Many people take this opportunity to buy Christmas presents for their loved ones or the things on their wishlist that they've been looking forward to. If there are things you need to buy they this is the best time for you to do so! Shopping sustainably is not easy but shopping consciously is definitely doable. You may or may not be shopping tomorrow but if you do, I have a few tips for you to remember to help you make conscious decisions when you shop.

1. Make planned purchases

Take the time to think about what you're buying, and research on the alternatives you have. With proper planning you can also make better choices and compare your options (though more options may also confuse you, make sure you have a proper guideline to assess your choices)

2. Ask yourself if you really need it

The adverts are going to convince you that you need everything, resist the urge if you know you don't need it! Having a proper budget will also help you set your limits and guide your shopping decisions.

3. Buy experiences instead of things

Buying gifts is often very customary during the Thanksgiving and Christmas period, but instead of buying generic gifts that may be easily duplicated, get a gift card or an experience for your loved ones so they'll really remember it!

4. Avoid impulse buys

The last thing you need is a bunch of stuff you used once and couldnt find another opportunity to use again. If you're creative and have time on your hands, you could attempt to repurpose it but if the material was not meant to last, it'll very quickly end up in the trash.

5. Buy high quality products that will last

This is the best time to buy high quality essentials and basics that may or may not be branded, but are still made of high quality materials. It may be difficult to judge the quality and make online, so make sure you go through unbiased reviews or even better, visit the shops personally!

6. Buy functional household products

Running a household requires money! Most of us won't have time to make DIY household products so this would be a great time to stock up on useful functional items that you will use on a daily basis to keep your house clean and healthy.

7. Shop ethical brands to support their practices

Some conscious and ethical brands run promotions in conjunction with Black Friday and if you love them and need the items, this would be the best time to support them without spending beyond your budget. Supporting these brands also allow them to become more popular and mainstream, allowing the sustainability movement gain momentum in our society.

8. Support circular consumption

As part of the #whitemonday movement, consumers and producers are encouraged to reuse, repair and rent. As a consumer, rethink your consumption patterns and assess if you can development more circular consumption habits! Head over to the White Monday SG page to learn more!

I hope you found these tips useful and keep them in mind even beyond Black Friday. Do share them with your shopaholic friends out there too! Have a lovely weekend and to my friends from the US, have a Happy Thanksgiving!



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