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Creating value with Sum Of The Parts

Getting the most out of every piece you wear

Sum Of The Parts (SOTP) is a brand that is made by and made for modern metropolitan women. These women do more than just work, shuttle being meetings and hit targets, they also socialize, entertain and care for their family, some go the extra mile and are mothers too! With so many things to do, 24 hours is just not enough, and what SOTP seeks to do is to give you more breathing space and time by making sure your wardrobe is managed in the best way possible. With their selection of designs, I'll definitely put my trust in them!

Versatile and essential

The designs at SOTP do not just follow trends, they are created to be essential pieces of your wardrobe that you can always go back to knowing that they'll look good on you, no matter the occasion. After I started working, I always find myself going back to the similar few designs in my wardrobe that are both comfortable, professional and stylish, and that's how I would describe almost all of SOTP's work wear designs. Even the more casual designs they have all look really professional and you could could throw on a blazer and head straight to a meeting with them.

"Our mission at SOTP is to create a better wardrobe so that you can spend less time dressing and more time doing. The thoughtfully designed pieces can hold their own and also work together in function-based capsules." - The team from SOTP

Dependable quality

The last thing you need in the morning when you're rushing out for your meeting is finding out that your favourite top has started to fray or fade. That's why it's important to wear clothing that lasts, despite repeated multiple washes, and the designers at SOTP made sure to consider this when deciding on their material choices. With good quality clothing that lasts longer, it also allows you to reduce your environmental impact because you throw them out less and are more likely to repair them. There's also no shame in wearing the same outfit for a long time, especially when they look so good on you.

The Multiply Collection

Being highly conscious of the environmental impact fashion has on our Earth, SOTP recently launched a sustainable fabric capsule collection - Multiply Collection to continue creating essential wardrobe pieces for the eco-conscious. They specifically incorporated the use of sustainable fabrics such as bamboo and modal in select silhouettes that were compatible with the fabric nature to allow the best features of each fabric type to be maximized. Bamboo is a fantastic resources because it can be grown quickly and is not as land or water intensive compared to conventional materials such as cotton, and the finished fabric is able to cut out a percentage of UV rays. Modal is also a very unique resource that is made from Beech trees and processed into a soft rayon type material for clothing. This material can be made very strong, yet very stretchy and is even blended into active wear fabrics because of it's breathability and high absorbancy.

When I first heard about the name of the collection, I felt that it was extremely apt because it aligns so well with their goal to create essentials that last. The versatility of each piece also allows them to be used so many more times, plus the fact that it's made of sustainable fabrics allows their positive impact to be "multiplied on our wardrobes". I just love the word play and meaning behind it especially since the brand name is already so mathematically related!

There are 4 beautiful pieces in this collection: The Jae Wrap Dress, Anne Knotted Top and Lisa Drape Skirt are made with a soft bamboo jersey material while the Sammie Cape Dress is made with a mid-weight modal fabric. Scroll down for photos!

Jae Wrap Dress - Red White

This dress slipped on easy like a sunday morning, and with the wrap around skirt and waist tie, nothing could possibly go wrong with it. No zips, no difficult torso/body proportions, no overly long sleeves, this dress worked out perfectly on me. I kept my inner camisole because I had to do outdoor clothing changes but I would normally wear it without just to show off the pretty V neckline. Because the fabric is so soft and smooth, the side slit glides around to show off some thigh but nothing too revealing that made me uncomfortable. I would highly suggest wearing this dress on a date, or for coffee, or for an outing with the kids, or just an easy sunday morning at home, it does the work for you every time.

Anne Knotted Top - White

This is not just a white top. The side twist knot on the left shoulder makes such a difference to this top and elevates from an everyday top to a more sophisticated work top. I'm not a fan of basic white tees so this is really up my alley and I've managed to match it with every single pair of work trousers/bottom I own. Although made of a breathable bamboo jersey fabric, it is still sufficiently thick and is non-sheer, making it highly appropriate for work, school or for parent-teacher meetings (whether you're going as the parent, teacher or unwilling older guardian).

Lisa Drape Skirt - Grey

This cute skirt complements the Anne Knotted Top perfectly and is made of the same equally smooth bamboo jersey material. It is really comfortable on the skin and was great to wear during the outdoor shoot because it's so breathable! It has an elasticated waist band and features a drape fold on the front to hide any unintended bulges. I'm about 162cm and the length of the skirt reaches just below my knees. As a soft fabric, it will naturally crease easily and you may want to size up if you prefer it to be slightly more flowy. For the busy ladies who don't have much time to do ironing, simply hang dry this skirt and the fabric will fall into place by itself!

Sammie Cape Dress - Black

This dress creates a commanding presence when you wear it, perfect for the woman who is in charge. It is made with a modal fabric that carries it's own form and weight just like a strong independent woman. With the cape, it truly brings out the superhero in all of us and it's another great piece to wear to work on days when you need an extra boost of confidence. This modal fabric is naturally stretchy and the dress is designed to give you a natural tailored effect to flatter your figure without being too tight. The asymmetric boatneck design on the front also adds dimension to the dress and makes it look more than just an ordinary black dress.

SOTP's pieces are available online at https://sotp.co/ and they provide free shipping worldwide. They also organize frequent pop-ups and you can find out more from their IG @sotp_thelabel. As part of the collaboration with SOTP, I have a special discount code for my readers! Use code: ForCuriouslyGreen to get 15% off your total order between 27th Nov 2019 to 2nd Dec 2019 with no minimal spending required, code cannot be used in conjunction with other discount codes.



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