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An interview with the co-founder of The Green Collective

Making sustainability mainstream

Featured items in The Green Collective

During my visit to The Green Collective on opening day, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the co-founders of The Green Collective SG, Ms Agatha Lee "Agy" who very kindly accepted my invitation for a quick interview about the store! Scroll on to read it...

1. What motivated you to set up your second store at Funan?

"Agy": Let's start from the beginning!

The idea of The Green Collective was conceptualized over a networking cup of coffee between Green business owners Danielle, Agy and Mayur. While coming from different backgrounds and different countries, the common challenge faced by all the 3 co-founders was to ensure that small brands focused on sustainability find it tough to be financially sustainable. With a vision to make sustainability mainstream, The Green Collective SG was set up as a one stop shop for consumers to find green alternatives to their everyday products. Our founders also wanted to ensure that this business should be run by community, and therefore created a unique business model which is runs like a rural cooperative and is based on sharing principle. Every brand within the collective has to contribute to the collective in some form or the other - by being a cashier for a few hours in a month, providing digital marketing services or any other expertise you can bring in order to help the collective run smoothly.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our Collective @ Funan is possibly the first ever retail concept globally to be curated based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The 17 Goals are the basis of the sustainability and each brand in Funan is linked to two or more of these goals. Through the new concept, we want people to learn more about and have fun with the UN SDGs through our interactive game, match goals with brands that fulfill those goals and help people in shopping based on the causes and different aspects of sustainability that they are passionate about. It will also give people a chance to see how there choices can make different positive impacts in the world.  

The Collective @ Funan will offer a unique shopping experience which has never before existed in Singapore.

2. How many brands do you currently carry?

"Agy": We are currently 35 at Funan, ranging from utilities to artisanal homeware.  

Here are the brands listed in alphabetical order:

Absolute ANerd Gallery Annette Singapore August Society Bamboo Straw Girl Bunny Trading Desi Etrican Freedom Cups Green Kulture Himmel Blue LiveLoveLuna LVL Ma Te Sai ManukaRx Singapore Popsicle Asia Sol Plus Taikensonzai The Handmade Romantics The Hatter and The Hare Wellness Within YouLiving Zhai Indosole touch the toes Greek Kuzina Michelle SCHULZ Twopluso Naturalworld Greenie Genie Ice Breaker Oasis skin Sagaseed Truth&All Petaletea

Here are the list of brands listed according to the various categories

3. What workshops are you running at this store? 

"Agy": Expect to see a variety of experiences that will enrich your life and help you on your eco-friendly journey! Look out for our announcements on our Facebook page or sign up for our newsletter at http://bit.ly/tgcnews

4. Do you think Singaporeans will start being more environmentally conscious after visiting your shop?

"Agy": A visit to The Collective will definitely get you curious about being mindful in your consumption.  It's a springboard for asking questions and sparking conversations on how to be environmentally conscious. While at the space, visitors can learn about the stories behind the brands and how switching habits can contribute to positive change too.  

If you have not visited The Green Collective and would like a preview of what you can find there, head on to my other post to read more!



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