Hi! I'm Natalie, a dentist from the metropolis city of Singapore who happens to love all things green. Growing up, I lived a life of convenience, I had easy access to food, clothes, travel, healthcare and education. And I really only started to think about reducing my consumption when I realised how much I had and how little others had.

This led me to question my lifestyle and ask these questions:
Do I need this?
What will I do with it?
What can I do without it?
What benefit does it offer me?
With that, I started to make selections and changes to how I consumed, while keeping health, be it physical or mental as my priority.

More than just adjusting my own lifestyle, I wanted to contribute back to society, and took up dentistry so I could help improve other's oral health. But after I started working, I wanted to do even more - I wanted to empower people with knowledge to sustain or even regenerate their environments around them and create healthier living spaces for themselves.

So I embarked on my research to find out how I could make the biggest impact. I took part in beach clean ups, conservation talks and even joined a pageant. But I realised the biggest impact I could make was through my own life. When I heard my friends telling me "Hey Nat, I pack my lunch and recycle my plastic because you did it", I was moved and encouraged to do even more. Hence I started this blog to share my journey and experiences while I work towards a low-carbon footprint lifestyle through conscious consumption.

Living in a heavily commercialized, capitalistic world, where overconsumption is encouraged and convenience is prioritized, I know how difficult it is to break out of these harmful routines. But life is a constant work in progress and as I share how I work around these difficulties (or stumble occasionally) in my daily life, I hope you will realise the transition is not as difficult as you think!

My journey also led me to find many other like-minded individuals with resources and brands that are aligned with eco-friendly, ethical and sustanable beliefs. And I will be sharing them with you so you can make your own informed choices too.

Just in case you're going to run off and try to fit all your rubbish into a single mason jar, I want to highlight that I don't use the term "zero waste" here because realistically, there will be some form of direct or indirect waste produced from our daily activities. We can aim to be "zero waste" but don't beat yourself up over it when you throw away a plastic straw. People also have varying access to the necessary resources and may not have the supporting environment to achieve a perfect "zero waste" goal, but every effort counts!

I hope you'll enjoy my blog and find it useful in your own journey towards being a conscious consumer!

Love, Nat

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